ABOUT Love Rocks

Planner turned Minister

Way back in 2008, Amanda Freeman wanted to be prepared for anything. She was in her 4th year as owner of a wedding and event planning company and had always said "The only thing that can REALLY go wrong on a wedding day, is that you don't actually get married." Realizing that this was a terrifying concept for most couples, Amanda did what any good planner would. She went online and became an ordained minister. Reverend Amanda Freeman, as her card states, was hooked from that moment forward.

How it all began

Amanda's first official marriage was for one of her planning clients. They had a difficult time finding someone who fit their style and asked Amanda if she would be willing to do it for them. They were fun, unique, not particularly religious, and wanted something that wasn't your typical stuffy wedding ceremony. A few months later, that couple was married with a completely personalized ceremony, filled to the brim with details of their beautiful relationship, handwritten vows, and even a little game of rock, paper, scissors.

Love is Love is Love

Since that beautiful day, Amanda has performed countless weddings for couples who want a ceremony that fits their personalities. The mission of Love Rocks is to witness Love. Period. We don't discriminate, we celebrate. We don't care who you love. We don't care what you believe. We want you to feel comfortable and happy. If we can help you do that, we have done our job.

Unfortunately, some couples have a difficult time finding accepting people to officiate their wedding. Love Rocks celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and welcomes any race/religion/orientation/gender with open arms.